Whats In your bag ? 6 Essentials every Nigerian woman should carry about

We always get asked what we carry in our bags  , but most persons are not brave enough to check what’s in the bag ,mostly because they never know what we might just pull out of it . while it is very important to move around with half your cosmetics, there are other essentials that women should move around with

Heres a list of important things we all should have in our bags

Safety Pin

These are handy when it comes to fashion Faux-pas, they can hold the seam together or a wardrobe malfunction even down to a broken necklace during working hours. Ensure you get them indifferent sizes

Facial Tissues

These are a girls best friend to clean up that makeup smudge, or even slight tear of joy or frustration, it literally can cleanup almost any mess

Power Bank and Phone Charger

in between ongoing gossip in our WhatsApp group chat and social media checks every hour, we do have a need for a power pack and phone charger, while we can keep our phones plugged at work, you never can tell when the need for a power bank pops up outside work


Carrying around a snack (Granola Bar) most times have saved me money  especially when out, so rather than buy these really overpriced food because you’re hungry you could just pullout a snack and get busy


Need I say more on why you need water?…

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