Shoes 101: How to make your shoes last longer

Its Shoes week here at BuyOkrika HQ , and for the love of shoes we are giving tips on how to make your shoes last longer.

We all have a pair of shoes we love to wear every day, but your favorite shoes are going to wear out pretty quick if a few of our tips aren’t inculcated .

Cycle through your shoes

We know you love your comfy shoes to bits , but do them a favor and wear other shoes from time to time, wearing your favorite pair of shoes continuously  will ensure that they won’t last. Wrinkles will set in and your soles will start to break down. Cycling through a variety of shoes gives time for each pair to recover. Plus, it’ll keep your outfits exciting and fresh. Everybody needs a break.

Brush and polish your shoes Regularly

Rather than use the scrubbing brush try using an old toothbrush and scrub gently (how to clean your shoes )   

Polish your Leather shoes regularly

Store them properly

Most persons tell us all the time that their shoes are expired but it is mostly due to inappropriate shoe storage . For shoes you wear often put them on a rack, but shoes you wear on special occasions keep them in a dust bags or boxes so they wont age .

If your shoes come with a dust bag use it and if it doesn’t a DIY dust bag helps try using an old shirt or pillow case.

hey shoe lovers tell us what else you do to preserve those beauties that are called shoes

xx Ben for Buyokrika



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