How to pack Light while traveling

an average woman overpacks her suitcase by double just in case, most persons need a bout 6 outfits for a weekend trip but choose to pack 12 outfits( lol, I’m on this table too)   but recently having realized that I do have quite a lot of clutter whilst traveling , I checked  a little too many blogs to try ensuring that I not just pack light but curate my outfits.

I was able to filter them out and of cos share

 Have a packing list

the best way to start your packing list is

  1. number of days you’ll be away
  2. daily activities
  3. location
  4. weather

Multipurpose items 

Investing in items /outfits  thatch be used in many ways than one is also another good way to start packing ,

You can now on that trip and enjoy it without quite a lot of clutter

get those really pretty boxes from

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