Ever thought of renting a wedding gown ?

In the spirit of being thrifty , we asked a lot of persons if they’ll consider renting  a wedding gown on their big day, Quite a number of persons said that it is spendthrift to buy a wedding gown, a few others  said buying a wedding gown for their big day is a necessity and the last set of  persons who bought a wedding gown wished they had rented one .

The wedding industry in Nigeria is worth millions of dollars, and most are paid on borrowed monies , while it is okay to splurge on your dream wedding if you do have the funds for it ,you absolutely can be a tad thrifty if you do not have a lot of money to splurge on your wedding . here a a few ways you can cut down on wedding spendings

When this detail is checked, every other thing literally falls into place.

Rent a Wedding Gown

We all know how expensive wedding gowns are, weather; lacy, vintage, backless, mermaid, beach, simple, column, sleeves, whatever, wedding gowns generally are expensive. In Nigeria, and you can rent one for the fraction of the cost .

You will wear it once

financially doesn’t make a lot of sense to buy a gown you’ll wear once,there is no much need of spending a whole lot of hundreds of thousands in it. If you think your daughter is going to wear it on her wedding day, the answer is LOL. Your wedding dress will stay in your closet taking up space and gathering dust


Most wedding dresses are mountainous. After the wedding, storage becomes an issue and problem of where to keep them may surface. Renting one will require you simply returning back to the store.

Thfited Shoes and Accessories

Buying thrifted/Okrika shoes  and accesories is definitely one of the cheapest route to go as you would get those designer shoes you want to covet badly for pennies as against the price of a new one

Saves on time

If your wedding is fast approaching, it is best to hire a dress than have it custom made. Otherwise, so much time is spent going over the initial design, fitting, adjustments and all that. There’s a lot saga going on during preparation. You can get it done with, and focus on other things.


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