Guide to finding shoes that work for you

I always check the streets of Pinterest and instagram for the perfect footwear and how well they look put together on our favorite influencers.

I absolutely love shoes, but these shoes sadly doesn’t seem to love me or at least these type of shoes .from walking weirdly to finding support so I can find balance.( a lot of us are on this table)

I have acceptedly fate (Sad face), But I did however find the best comfy ones a girl could wear ,look perfectly curated, smart and put together. As we all know a certain kind of confidence radiates from you when your outfit is put together

Found these and thankfully you can find footwear like this for pennies  via  

  1. pick shoes you’re comfortable with
  2. Learning to wear certain types of shoes are easy breezy, try easing into it , start small
  3. looking good isn’t always pain ,you can be comfortable and look pretty goof
  4. please get at least two pair of your favorite shoes , so its not worn out quicklYou’re welcome, you can thank us later , Dont forget tag us when you wear one of our beauties



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